Pupil Free days - Term 3

Pupil Free days - Term 3

Staff planning (pupil free) days in term 3

Thank you for your support in term 2. We are pleased to have transitioned back to more usual school activities and have welcomed the easing of some COVID-19 restrictions. 
ACT public schools have continued to face workload pressures with higher than usual staff and student absences due to the ongoing presence of COVID-19 and seasonal flu in the community. 
This has often meant school leaders and teachers are taking extra class time to cover staff absences. We value and appreciate everyone’s commitment to our students during these challenging times.
We expect these workforce pressures will continue through the colder months of the year. 
The Education Directorate is supporting ACT public schools to manage their extra workloads with two staff planning days in term 3. These days will give teachers the time for lesson planning and administrative tasks that they can’t do while on class.

Our school will hold staff planning (pupil free) days on:

  • Friday 5 August 2022, and
  • Friday 9 September 2022.

Where possible, we ask that students do not attend school on these days. Students who can’t stay at home will be able to attend school and be supervised while undertaking general learning activities.  Please contact the Front Office on 6142 0700 if your child can't stay at home on these days.