School Resources

Arts Specialist Rooms

Melrose High School has two fully equipped art studios.  Facilities are available for many forms of two and three-dimensional art.  Students have access to kilns for clay and glasswork as well as painting, drawing and print making facilities.  Performing arts students use two dedicated spaces. The drama room has its own lighting rig, performance space and costume room.  The other is a specialist dance room which is also suitable as a classroom space for drama.  There are two music teaching rooms in the school as well as studios for individual tuition and small ensemble work.  Students have access to keyboards and guitars for general music classes and a wide range of instruments for hire by students in the school's band. 

BMX/Mountain Bike Cross Country Track

Melrose High School is the only ACT school who has a purpose built BMX / Mountain Bike Cross Country Track. The BMX / Mountain Bike Cross Country Track is accessible after school hours. Student access is supported by the school's class set of BMX and mountain bikes as well as a trailer to take the bike program anywhere. 


The gymnasium provides our students with a tremendous purpose built indoor sporting facility.  The PE faculty has upgraded existing equipment and installed a climbing wall.  The gymnasium provides a wonderful environment for scheduled PE classes as well as lunch time training and competitions.


Our hall is used during the day for assemblies, PE, drama, pastoral care and other learning activities.  It is used at lunch times for sporting and recreational activities and in the evenings for a range of community groups.

Indigenous Studies Centre

The Indigenous Studies Centre (ISC) has a dual purpose; it is a dedicated space for our Indigenous students and also supports the staff and students to develop a deep understanding and appreciation for Indigenous Cultures. 

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Computers for student use are located in five large computer rooms, the library and laptops are available throughout the school via the wireless network. Students are also able to connect their own personal devices to the wireless network.  The equipment is Windows-based with a large range of software available.

I-Space Room

This is a flexible learning environment in which students who are experiencing difficulties with literacy are targeted for additional support by the literacy coordinator. Students may also self-refer directly to the program Students have access to desk top computers and to IPads.  The level of support may range from a targeted literacy program to additional help with homework and assignments according to the need of the student.

Playground Areas

Students have access to a sports oval and tennis, netball and basketball courts for sports and recreational use at recess and lunch.  Students have use of shaded and grassed areas equipped with tables and chairs.  The main quadrangle is available for small ball games and the inner quadrangle is available, for Year 7 students only, in term one.

Technology Areas

Melrose High School has a number of technology areas for practical and theoretical classes.  These areas include two kitchens, a textile room, a metalwork room, a woodwork room and a theory room.

The Library

Melrose High School has an attractive and spacious library which supports all forms of learning while also providing a social space for staff and students to relax in. The library opening hours are 8.30 am – 3.30 pm (closed at recess). Teachers, with their classes, access the library during class time for research, using the library collection and the Internet.  Students also access the library for independent study subject to staff approval.  At lunchtimes the library is open for students to work on assignments, enjoy quiet reading of books or magazines or to use a computer for research or assignment work.  There are 22 desktop computers and if the need arises the students can also be given access to the Netbook collection for use in the library.  Students can print their work to the library printer.

The Science Education Centre

The Science Education Centre (SEC) is a new dedicated facility for ACE Science students to work on medium- and long-term student-centred science investigations. ACE Science experiments can be pursued without the constraints of a single lesson: equipment can be set up and left for several lessons as the experiments progress. ACE Science Mentors students are allocated their own work stations for the duration of their project, typically six to eight months.

Current facilities include suites of data loggers with a variety of sensors, oscilloscopes, air track, ripple tank, optical benches, and microscopes. Instrumentation providing continuous data for student use includes a weather station, seismometer and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) antenna for geospatial studies.