Virtual Learning Academy

At Melrose High School, the Virtual Learning Academy (VLA) provides an opportunity for Year 7 – 10 students to engage with their schooling via blended on-line learning. Students within the VLA have the opportunity to access a range of personalised and core curricular offerings at Melrose High School via the delivery of online learning. The VLA offers Melrose students the chance to engage with their core academic studies via a range of varying virtual platforms including WabiSabi, Google and Khan Academy, which offer rigorous and in-depth learning possibilities all linked to the ACARA Australian Curriculum. The VLA also offers students the opportunity to explore areas of passion, interest and inquiry, with each student enrolled embarking on a personalised inquiry project as part of their academic studies. Students work closely with teaching staff to map their projects against the Australian Curriculum to maintain a high level of academic rigour and continually demonstrate growth as learners. Through engaging in core and personalised learning programs, students within the VLA are encouraged to become inquiring and independent learners, capable of directing their own learning and establishing meaningful ad relevant learning goals.

The VLA offers Melrose students the opportunity to engage in their learning from multiple environments. Melrose offers a on-campus VLA placement, where students work with other VLA members in accessing their virtual learning within school in a designated learning space. Students work with staff to design their own timetables and learning plans as part of their enrolment in the VLA program to maximise engagement with learning, and also to offer students access to a multitude of electives available at Melrose High School. Students can also engage with the VLA via online correspondence, no longer governed by the ‘4 walls’ of a school. Online students will also design their own timetables and be offered online check-ins with teaching staff to support them in engaging with their learning. This online offering allows Melrose Students studying from distance, relocating or experience difficulty in attending school, the opportunity to stay engaged with the Melrose Community and maintain their place as a Melrose student.