Melrose High School is founded upon a tradition which encourages achievement in learning within a safe and friendly environment based on the values of Respect. The school aims to provide opportunities and support to develop students in the areas of intellectual, aesthetic, moral, emotional, physical and social growth.


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Arts tour is full

The Arts tour (27-29 May) is now fully subscribed. No more payments will be taken. - Finance Office

Posted on 09 Apr 2015

ACTION Bus changes

Changes to ACTION buses affecting Melrose High School. Effective Monday 18 May 2015

Morning service

433 - This service now commences 1 minute later at 7.46am

568 - This service now commences 1 minute earlier at 7.33am

586 - This service now commences 9 minutes later at 8.04am

616 - This service now commences 1 minute earlier at 7.53am

678 - This service now commences 1 minute earlier at 7.54am

Afternoon service

No change

Posted on 07 Apr 2015

Term 2 commencement date

Term 2 commences – Tuesday 28 April 2015

On Monday 27 April 2015, there will be a day in lieu for ACT public servants, including teachers and other employees working in ACT public schools. This is due to ANZAC Day falling on a Saturday this year.

Term 2 for all ACT public schools will begin on Tuesday 28 April 2015. It is advised that families make necessary alternative arrangements for Monday 27 April 2015 as soon as possible, as all public schools will be closed.

For any further enquiries, please contact the school.

Posted on 02 Apr 2015


Astronomy news

Astronomy students have been making craters and experimenting with high speed imaging lately. As well as looking at the nature of the universe from a conceptual and qualitative perspective, students learn the underlying principles and mathematics of how the universe works. While studying the solar system, students learned about the formation of lunar craters. The goal with this experiment was to look for a mathematical relationship between the kinetic energy of the impactor and the length of the rays (bright streaks) surrounding the craters. This is a direct link with lunar and planetary crater formation. The photograph shows some of the craters from the experiment.

Posted on 02 Apr 2015

Parent Teacher Online portal

Progress Reports and Parent Teacher Online

Students will receive their Term 1 Progress reports this afternoon at 3:05pm.  Included with the reports will be instructions on how to log into the Parent Teacher Online (PTO) portal to book interview times for Parent/Teacher night on Thursday 2 April 2015.  This portal is only available to parents/carers who have given permission to access the portal.  Alternate booking instructions are included with the reports for those who do not have access to the portal.  The PTO portal will go live at 3:15 pm today (Friday 27 March 2015) and can be accessed by clicking the link PARENT TEACHER ONLINE

Posted on 27 Mar 2015

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