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Melrose High School is founded upon a tradition which encourages achievement in learning within a safe and friendly environment based on the values of Respect. The school aims to provide opportunities and support to develop students in the areas of intellectual, aesthetic, moral, emotional, physical and social growth.

05 Aug 2022

2022 School Satisfaction & Climate Survey

Each year, the Directorate surveys all parents and carers, school staff and students in Years 4 to 12 about their experience of public education. The 2022 School Satisfaction & Climate Survey will be available online from 19 August to 9 September. The survey results will help us to continue to make quality informed decisions about how to improve our school. No personal identifying information will be provided to any school or college.

For each child in their family who attends an ACT public school, parents and carers will receive:

§  An email about the parent survey, including a link to access the survey.; and

§  A letter about the student survey outlining the reasons for collection and privacy provision for the data

If you do not receive the survey invitation, please check your Junk email folder; if it is not there, contact the school and you will be provided a survey link. If you do not have an email listed with the school, please contact the front office and we will provide you with a hard copy.

The Parents and Carers Survey will be available online in other languages: Arabic, Burmese, Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Urdu, Vietnamese, Punjabi, Bengali, Spanish, Telugu, French and Italian. Respondents can select their preferred language when they start the survey. A shortened paper-version of the Parents and Carers Survey is also available in the following 5 languages: Dari, Dinka, Farsi, Karen and Mon. These surveys are available at the Front Office.

For the results to reflect the opinions of our whole school community, we need as many parents and carers, staff and students as possible to complete the survey. Your feedback is important, and we hope you will take part.


For more information, visit:

02 Aug 2022

Pupil Free days - Term 3

Staff planning (pupil free) days in term 3

Thank you for your support in term 2. We are pleased to have transitioned back to more usual school activities and have welcomed the easing of some COVID-19 restrictions. 
ACT public schools have continued to face workload pressures with higher than usual staff and student absences due to the ongoing presence of COVID-19 and seasonal flu in the community. 
This has often meant school leaders and teachers are taking extra class time to cover staff absences. We value and appreciate everyone’s commitment to our students during these challenging times.
We expect these workforce pressures will continue through the colder months of the year. 
The Education Directorate is supporting ACT public schools to manage their extra workloads with two staff planning days in term 3. These days will give teachers the time for lesson planning and administrative tasks that they can’t do while on class.

Our school will hold staff planning (pupil free) days on:

  • Friday 5 August 2022, and
  • Friday 9 September 2022.

Where possible, we ask that students do not attend school on these days. Students who can’t stay at home will be able to attend school and be supervised while undertaking general learning activities.  Please contact the Front Office on 6142 0700 if your child can't stay at home on these days.

01 Aug 2022

Homework Club

Homework group will be available in the Library from 3:10pm to 4:10pm on Monday and Wednesday, weeks 3-9 of each term.  By running homework, we aim to provide:

  • A safe, quiet, and calm space for students to concentrate.
  • A supportive environment, where teachers will be present to answer questions.
  • A one to one or small group support.
  • A chance to share knowledge and an opportunity to build study cohesive relationships.
  • An opportunity to develop good work habits and a positive attitude towards learning. 
  • The chance to develop skills involved in becoming an independent learner. 

The intention of Homework Club, here at Melrose, is to engage our students with their learning, in this way we can support students to manage their workload. We also want to use this session to give our students an opportunity to experience success and a degree of independence. We also want our students to be critical thinkers. Prior to commence each session, we want students think about the work which they want to cover in this hour. 

Grab a permission note to attend here 


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