The School Day

Check-in Group

When students arrive at Melrose High School they are allocated a Check-in Group. Students are expected to arrive punctually for the commencement of Check-in Groups at 8:50 am. Rolls are marked and daily announcements are read out to students during this time. Students can give the Check-in teacher any notes from parents. The absentee list for the day is generated from Check-in Group attendance.

The Timetable

The school operates a ten-day timetable of five lessons per day, repeated each fortnight. Each term the timetable starts again on Week A to reduce confusion.

All lessons (lines) are of equal time in the timetable over the fortnight. Students study seven subjects per semester and the lines are labelled A, B, C, D, E, F and G with subjects being allocated to a whole line for a semester. In Years 7 and 8, six subjects are allocated a whole line each semester with the Arts and Technology sharing a line in a two-year rotation. A time block is allocated on Tuesday (Week A TB 1) as a meeting time with students, either as a whole school assembly or in year groups.

You can download a blank copy of the Timetable here.

The timetable grid operates as follows:

MHS 10 Day School Timetable

Week A
8:50 - 9:00RGRGRGRGRG
9:02 - 10:00AAssemblyCAF
10:02 - 11:00BFDBG
11:00 - 11:25RecessRecessRecessRecessRecess
11:25 - 12:23CGECA
12:25 - 1:23DAFDB
1:23 - 2:12LunchLunchLunchLunchLunch
2:12 - 3:10EBGEC
Week B
8:50 - 9:00RGRGRGRGRG
9:02 - 10:00DBGEC
10:02 - 11:00ECAFD
11:00 - 11:25RecessRecessRecessRecessRecess
11:25 - 12:23FDBGE
12:25 - 1:23GECAF
1:23 - 2:12LunchLunchLunchLunchLunch
2:12 - 3:10AFDBG