School dress standards are the colours and styles chosen by a school board to represent the school uniform.

  • Below the waist, students should wear plain black pants, shorts or skirt.
  • Above the waist, students should wear a white collared shirt or white polo shirt. No logos, patterns or slogans other than those depicting official school roles are allowed. Sleeves may be long or short. No singlet tops or revealing garments are allowed.
  • Custom made representative tops for special roles such as Band, School Ambassadors or Leaders may be worn at any time.
  • In cold weather, students should wear a plain navy blue or black fleecy lined sweatshirt, jumper, hoody or school jacket, preferably with the school logo.
  • A school dress in blue and white is the preferred uniform for all girls
  • PE uniform is compulsory. It consists of a grey T-shirt or rugby top, navy shorts or tracksuit pants. Students are not permitted to participate in PE in the clothes they wear to school.
  • Year 10 students design and purchase a rugby top and/or a polo shirt for their final year. Students are encouraged to wear the Year 10 rugby top instead of the navy-blue sweatshirt or jumper. Similarly, the polo shirt can be worn in lieu of the normal white shirt.

Uniform can be purchased from Savvy School Wear. Visit the Savvy School Wear website to view the uniform and purchase details.

For more information, please see the Uniform Policy