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Design and Technologies provide the opportunity to delve into technical, industrial, artistic and craft techniques for both vocational and leisure activities. The units are designed to accommodate those seeking skills for future trade studies or higher learning and offer a broad skills base for those with a healthy interest in these subjects. This gives each student the opportunity to interact with technology in a variety of ways. Our technology subjects also provide a window into how technology is used in industry and how it is affecting society today and in the future

Students at Melrose High School will gain experience in a wide range of design and technology studies. Opportunities will be provided for students to:

Years 7 and 8

​Students are introduced to Design and Technologies courses in which they explore the following areas of Technology:

These courses teach students to identify and create criteria for success, workplace safety, skill development and sustainability through the design process. These skills provide an effective knowledge base for future studies in these areas.

Years 9 and 10

​Students choose semester courses of study in Design and Technologies. The variety of units in Years 9 and 10 encourages students to elect a course of study based on their interests while providing a sound base for further study at college and beyond. Courses offered:

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