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Melrose High School is founded upon a tradition which encourages achievement in learning within a safe and friendly environment based on the values of Respect. The school aims to provide opportunities and support to develop students in the areas of intellectual, aesthetic, moral, emotional, physical and social growth.

28 Apr 2022

Enrolling now for 2023

Visit the ACT Education Directorate website to enrol for Year 7, 2023.  Enrolments completed by 3 June will be notified from 25 July 2022.

26 Apr 2022
11 Apr 2022

Applications open for TEDxYouth@Canberra

TEDxYouth@Canberra is a TEDx event created for youth and by youth with the help of adult mentors and operators of TEDxCanberra. Through the TEDxYouth@Canberra event, our goal is to inspire the youth by giving the voices of the next generation a platform that allows them to be heard. This event will largely consist of TEDx talks or speeches from individuals with ideas that are worth spreading, serving as a platform for selected speakers to communicate their unique messages and inspire an audience. We were wondering if YOU would be keen on potentially sharing your stories and ideas by applying to be a speaker or performer at our event. If this interests you, please complete the Speaker Application Form or Performer Application Form by 5 May 2022 for an opportunity to become selected as a prospective speaker or performer at TEDxYouth@Canberra. If we see that your idea suits our event, we will send you an email with further information.

Key Information: 

·  If you are interested in applying to be a speaker or performer at TEDxYouth@Canberra, you MUST complete the Speaker Application Form or Performer Application Form by 5 May 2022. If we see that your idea/performance suits our event, we will send you an email with further information!

·  The duration of your TEDx idea must be around 3-4 minutes. Please take this into account as you consider the idea you might want to communicate.

·  When thinking of ideas for your potential TEDx talk, please consider that your ideas meet the TEDx Content Guidelines.

·  TED is an annual event that brings together the world's leading thinkers and doers to share ideas that matter in any discipline— technology, entertainment, design, science, the humanities, business, development, communication, and more. The talks at the conference, known as TEDTalks, are made available to watch for free on to millions of regular viewers with new talks being released each week. In 2009, in the spirit of 'ideas worth spreading', TED created TEDx - a program of local, self-organised events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. We're excited to be a TEDx licensee. Each year we attract new speakers, performers and attendees to our events, to highlight the best thinkers and doers from Canberra and our region. Our TEDx event is not organised by TED, but is operated under a licence from TED. Our entire team is involved on a volunteer basis and we are a not-for-profit event. All the revenue and income raised goes towards the cost of producing our events.


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