The Melrose High School Community

Melrose High School is founded upon a tradition that encourages achievement in learning within a safe and friendly environment. There is a commitment to strive for excellence and to provide educational programs that meet high standards.

Melrose High School has a focus on being a Safe, Respectful, Learner as part of Positive Behaviours for Learning (PBL). This requires all members of the school community to accept responsibility for their actions and to understand that behavioural interactions are learning opportunities for all.

The school aims to help each student develop intellectually, aesthetically, morally, emotionally, physically and socially. In working with students, staff seek to balance their social/emotional wellbeing while ensuring that teaching practice develops 21st Century skills and academic potentials.

Melrose High School offers a balanced curriculum, which provides a breadth of educational experience through a range of subjects, meeting the interests and needs of students for the 21st Century.


The school community's vision is of a school as a place of learning supported by safe and respectful behaviours. We are a learning organisation that personalises learning and we work alongside students to support them in developing their 21st century skills so that they are critical thinkers, problem solvers and future-focused learners and leaders.


We deliver and develop educational services through explicit instruction so students can build foundation skills and by providing inquiry based learning so that students can develop their 21st century skills. Through diversified pathways and student-directed learning there is real-world connectedness, community engagement and student agency.

School Values

The school values are that we are:

This is underpinned by our focus on positive behaviours for learning and that we are committed to demonstrating appropriate behaviours at all times.

History of the School

Melrose High School takes its name from that of an early property, "Melrose", in the Woden District, named after the town of Melrose in Roxburghshire, Scotland.  The original site of the Melrose homestead now lies within the suburb of Curtin. The school opened in January 1970.

The old logo below will soon be replaced with one that we designed this year in consultation with our community.

 MHS Logo

The old school logo displays the symbol of a castle, commemorating this origin. The Aboriginal history of our country is symbolised through both the motto, Tjangi witja ngawani, or I shall discover the truth, and the boomerangs on the logo.The early colonial history is represented by the sheep's head, a symbol of the basis upon which our country's wealth was built.

Australian Aboriginal history is celebrated at Melrose High School through the names of our sporting houses:

Priority Enrolment Area

Melrose High School serves the following suburbs:

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