To make a secure credit/debit card payment you will be directed to Westpac’s online payment system, known as QuickWeb (click here). Westpac will hold your card information and the privacy policy is accessed via the link on the QuickWeb page. All information other than card details will be provided back to the School in order to reconcile the payment against your account.

Family Contributions - 2021 - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BTF?
The School’s Building Trust Fund (BTF) is a tax deductable fund set up to:

  • Assist with the preservation and ongoing maintenance of school buildings.
  • In some instances, fund the construction of a building/facility for the use of the school, if appropriate and approved by the School Board.

What is the LTF?
The School’s Library Trust Fund (LTF) is a tax deductable fund set up to:

  • Preserve and maintain the Schools collection of books and other materials for reading, study or reference.
  • Purchase new and updated books and other resources, for reading, study or reference for the use of the school.

When can contribution payments be made?
Contributions to the school can be made at any time throughout the school year.

Are these contribution requests voluntary?
All contributions to ACT Public Schools are voluntary. The school greatly appreciates any contribution, including partial, received from carers/families to help cover the costs of consumables and enhance the learning outcomes and support the wellbeing of our students.

Can I make contribution payments in instalments?
Yes. Please contact our Finance Officer, Judith Rogers by phone on 6142 0704 or by email at to arrange payment plans.

Are these payments tax deductable?
Contributions to both the Library Trust Fund and Building Trust Fund are tax deductable, and receipts will be provided to carers/families upon payment. Please note subject contributions, core and elective, are not tax deductable.

What are Subject contributions used for?
All contributions made to the school are used to purchase consumables for classes to enhance the learning experiences for students. Items include but are not limited to:

  • replacement texts
  • photocopy paper/toner
  • online subscriptions for learning platforms
  • art, metal and wood supplies
  • science chemicals
  • sporting equipment
  • music, drama and dance copyright
  • cooking ingredients