Students are expected to attend school punctually and regularly. Should a student be absent for any period of time, a note, email or phone call from a parent or carer must be received. Notes should be handed to the Roll Group teacher or the Student Window on the first day the student returns to school. This note may be brought in prior to a known absence. It would be appreciated if parents/carers who know that their child's absence will be for a significant period, could inform the school either by letter or telephone.

The school operates an automated attendance notification system. Parents/carers of students that are marked absent from school, and have not contacted the school before 9:30am, will receive either an email or a text message informing them of the student absence. All absences need to be explained or else the student is marked as an unauthorised absence.

Rolls office contact details:
Telephone: (02) 6142 0703


Students arriving after the commencement of Roll Group must report to the Student Window or Front Office before going to class, whether or not they have a note to explain their lateness.

Early Leave

A student wishing to leave school early or for part of the day should bring a note, signed by a parent or guardian, which indicates briefly the reason for the request. The note should be presented to the Student Window prior before school or handed to the Roll group teacher. As far as possible, parents/carers are asked to arrange medical, dental and orthodontic appointments outside school hours.

First aid

Students who become ill at school or require first aid must report to the Student Window with a note from their teacher. The Front Office Staff will administer first aid and contact parents/carers if needed. The students are NOT to contact parents themselves.


Lockers are available for student use and are allocated early in the school year. Students need to provide a padlock with a shaft no less than 6-8 mm and pay the hire fee of $30 per year to the Finance Office. The spare key to the padlock is held by the Finance office.  It is the responsibility of each student to maintain the locker in good order and ensure that no food is kept in the locker.

Student and Finance Window

The Student and Finance windows operate each school day during the following times:

Parents are welcome to visit the Finance office outside of these times (but before 1:45pm) to make payments for voluntary contributions, excursions and school-based activities.


Textbooks are issued on a Curriculum Area basis and each area has its own policy. Students are expected to replace or pay for damaged or lost textbooks. Students are expected to maintain the textbooks in good condition.


Some courses require specific workbooks, eg. LOTE and English. These workbooks can be purchased as part of the Stationery Pack or individually. Details regarding the type of workbook, costs etc are available from the Executive Teacher in each Key Learning Area.


Year 7 High school students in the ACT are offered free immunisations as part of the National Immunisation Program.

Qualified ACT Health Nurses visit the ACT high schools to provide this service throughout the year. Each school has information on the dates the nurses will be attending.

Lost Property

The Student Services team handles lost property. Every effort is made to trace the owners of property handed in. It is recommended that all clothing and personal items be clearly marked with the student's name. Any property not claimed at the end of each term is donated to a charity.

School Newsletter

Information about changes in arrangements, together with news of coming events, students' achievements, and items of educational or community interest, is given in the school's newsletter.  The newsletter is published every three weeks and our preferred method of delivery is by email. It is also published on the website School Newsletter.  If you are unable to receive the newsletter by email we can arrange for a copy to be posted home.

Comments and Suggestions

The school aims to be responsive to the needs of all members of the school community. Any student, parent, teacher or citizen who has any comment, positive or negative, about the school can be assured that their opinion will receive careful consideration.

Comments concerning students are best referred to the Student Services Coordinator or the relevant Year Adviser. Comments about staff should usually be referred to the Executive Teachers of Curriculum Areas in the first instance. There will be occasions when it may be more appropriate to approach the Principal or a Board representative to discuss concerns. If in doubt, contact the Administrative Staff in the Front Office.

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