Support for Parents

Parenting adolescents can be challenging! We have included some links below to websites, articles and support groups which may help you to continue to parent in a positive and proactive way when dealing with new challenges presented by your growing young person.

School Transition

Transition from Primary to High School

Transition for High School to College

Step 2 Education and Employment: a guide for families (Disability)

Useful Links for Parents and Students

Do you have a concern about your ACT Public School

Education Services Australia (2019), Student Wellbeing Hub [Link] - Funded by the Australian Government, Department of Education

ACT Secondary Bursary System

The ACT Government’s Secondary Bursary Scheme provides assistance to low-income earners in the ACT with a current means-tested Centrelink card and dependent full-time student(s) attending ACT high schools.

Each student’s attendance is checked for unexplained absences with their school, and five or more unexplained absences (five missed classes will be counted as one day) during the previous semester may result in an application being denied.

Families are able to request a revised attendance report from the school if they can provide satisfactory explanations for unexplained absences. Principals have the discretion to seek further information regarding the absence prior to approval.

ACT Secondary Bursary Scheme -  Financial and Resource Assistance for Families

Parenting Insights (Positive parenting ideas)

Helping kids settle back into school  [pdf]
Explaining scary world events to our children [pdf]
Building strong working relationships with teachers [pdf]
Managing school stress during the pandemic [pdf]
How to help you child be a good friend [pdf]
Helping kids build lasting happiness [pdf]
Growing up is not straight forward [pdf]
A parenting style for the ages [pdf]
Will Smith hit Chris Rock. What do we tell our kids? [pdf]
Helping your child become the best student they can be [pdf]
Four critical tools for kids' anxiety management [ pdf]
Developing a resilience mindset [pdf] 
Leading the way for children during the Coronavirus pandemic [pdf]
6 nightmare habits that are ruining teenagers sleep [pdf]
Top 10 parenting tips for school meetings [pdf]
Video games - the good and the bad [pdf]
Managing Christmas chaos [pdf]
Cool Tool to reduce teenage risk [pdf] 
When young people catastrophise [pdf]
Failure! What a genius idea [pdf] 
The myth of multitasking [pdf] 
Not in front of the children [pdf]
Peer time counts for successful adolescents [pdf]
Working closely with your teacher this year [pdf]
When kids experience problems at school [pdf]
Helping teenagers achieve sustained success at school [pdf]
Grandparents as carers [pdf]

Parent Engagement Series

Session 3
Literacy and Numeracy (20  May 2019) [pdf]
Google Read & Write Video Tutorials [Youtube link]

Links to help with school work

The Melrose Toolbox - Support for research, writing and presentation skills
YouFOCUS -- Woden Youth Centre (Help with homework, resume writing, filling in forms, job skills and looking for work) 
Reading Rockets (Help for students who struggle with reading)
Guide to Grammar and Writing (Help for students to improve their grammar and writing)
Homework Spot (Homework Help)
Literacy and Numeracy Tips (Tips for at home to help your child through the middle school year 6 - 8)

Health Concerns

Education Directorate - Infectious diseases and outbreak procedures [link]
Electronic Cigarettes [pdf]
Influenza [pdf] 
Scabies [pdf]
Whooping Cough [pdf]

Other useful links
Discover Guide (2nd ed) - helping families and individuals with an intellectual disability to navigate the NDIS
School A to Z (NSW Education and Community site with practical help for parents)
Students' Use of Technology (Includes useful links to information about cyberbullying and cybersafety)
Parentlink (ACT Government parenting site)
Parentline ACT (Free telephone service for parents and families in the ACT and surrounding area)
Family Treehouse (Conflict Resolution Service)
Kids and Funerals (Information for parents regarding children/teens and funerals)
Lifeline (Crisis Support and Suicide Prevention)
Bullying. No way! (A useful anti-bullying website for parents and students)
Bully Stoppers (Anti-bullying website for parents, students and teachers)
Headspace (National Youth Mental Health Foundation)
Facts about Grief and Suicide (Fact sheets from Headspace)
Kids Help Line (Help line set up for children and teens to seek assistance)
Think U Know (Internet Safety Program)
Reach Out! (Online mental health service)
Raising Children Network (Australian Parenting Website)
Youth Beyond Blue (Youth Anxiety and Depression Help)
Wellbeing Australia (Health and Wellbeing Organisation, specialising in education)

If you would like to contact the staff at the Student Services Team for any reason please contact Melrose High School on 02 61420700 or email