Since the beginning of 2018 the ACT Government will be providing Canberra public secondary students with a Chromebook device under the Better Schools for our kids - technology enabled learning program. The program aligns with the "Learn Anywhere" philosophy and it is expected that devices will be managed by students, stored at home and brought to school on a daily basis.

Please read this letter from Yvette Berry MLA for more details about the Chromebook Device Allocation.

Better Schools for our Kids - Technology Enabled Learning Booklet

Chromebook Registration Form

You must complete the registration form if you do not wish to receive a Chromebook selecting the option "I DO NOT Agree to accept responsibility of a Chromebook".If you decide not to receive a Government issued Chromebook then students must bring their own Personal Electronic Device to school on a daily basis.

At Melrose High School we do not endorse one company or another and encourage you to shop around to find the most suitable device for your child. We do however have a list of minimum requirements for the BYOD program, they are:

Please also refer to our PED Procedure